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This is the summer of our productiveness.

You're goin' down, sucka!

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Membership is closed, so please do not apply unless you are on the participant list. Thanks!

Participant List and their Declared Main Stories:

Team A:
writan_bur | Seducing
dragonsinger | Threefold Utopian Dream
kelex | Alexandretta
mahaliem | The Face of His Enemy
norah | Breaking Point
nysick | Dumbledore Rips Up Time and Morality
out_there | Therapy
storydivagirl | A New Journey

Team B:
aelora | Identity
celli | Charity
dameange | The Last Castle
emrinalexander | Switch
lastscorpion | A Date for the Fourth of July
mistressace | Black Party
pepperjackcandy | We Know We're Hex and Larry
quincykat | The Baby Story

Team C:
chain_lightning | Christmas Eve
chasethecat | Chanukah!Clexfic
digitalwave | Red Skies
swanswan | Twisted
joanne_c | Don't Take The Girl
montdlaw | Angsty McAngsterton
thecaelum | Car Wash
vylit | Kidnap Lex fic

Team D:
icalynn | Lineage
jadedsilver | Tumbling After
justabi | Oedipus Lex
oxoniensis | Symbiote
slodwick | You Only Disappear
svmadelyn | Falling, a.k.a. Devil!Lex
stone_princess | Un-Spelled
treetracer | Winter Break, aka Clark & Lex and the Kents on a cruise to Bermuda